Nikolaj Plads, 1067 København K

Type: Apartment

Furnished: No

Bedrooms: 3

Living rooms: 2

Size (sqm): 180

Period: 4 years from now

Rent: 25.000 dkk/month + on account utilities 1500 dkk/month

Available for Expat family, international company or international embassy only.

In central Copenhagen you will find an old historical place "Nikolaj Plads" just behind the busy shopping streets.

The neighborhood around Nikolaj church was in the 1700s mostly surrounded with pubs an brothels but has been changing over the years because of the many fires and after it burned down in 1795s it became a place where you could go and buy your meet at the butchers shops. Today it is an area with exclusive apartments where you have everything Copenhagen can offer just around the corner.